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Simply incomparable!

Click on the image of the APR Petit Robusto for a bigger view.
APR Petit Robusto
Mythos Corona Origin: Central America
Tabacco: Long filler, Hand Rolled
Format:110 mm x 20,64 mm
Stärke:: stars stars stars a
Box Quantity: 25
Wrapper: Ecuador Aged
With the
Experiences of the
old Master
It was early in his life when Armando learned the secrets of tobacco cultivation from his uncle Alejandro. The young tobacconist combined his growing understanding of the tobacco and cigar industry with the depth of knowledge brought to the table by his uncle. Armando worked in the tobacco organizations in Cuba until he retired. First he worked as an agronomist and then later acted as a Managing Director.
After his retirement, he left Cuba in order to share his experiences to the most important tobacco cultivators of Latin America. Until today he serves as supervisor the operation of plantations on Ometepe Island (Nicaragua).
Now, it is because the limited series with its own name (APR). For the realization of Armando Pereda Robaina has won two very experienced partners with great passion for tobacco and cigars with Kurt Brandt and Juan Gómez (longtime private Torcedor by Alejandro Robaina).

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