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About Isthmus Cigars

During a trip to Costa Rica, the small tropical country in the center of the isthmus that
is known as Central America, I met Claudio Pintor Jr. the owner of a small manufactory
of cigars. This is where for the first time; I learned the pleasure of the long leaf cigar. At
the time I did not realize that this first taste would change the course of my life.

Working with Claudio Pintor Jr., together with new blends, we realized the opportunities
in Central American and U.S markets with our products, like our well known brand
Flor Real.

After I returned to Germany I met with other people who also had an interest in cigars
and their positive reactions inspired me to introduce the first Flor Real blends to the
German market.

In Germany, during my presentations in the year 2000, I met the famous cigar expert
Siegfried Schaeuble, owner of Tabacum from Stuttgart who was very pleased with the
Flor Real and introduced it into his program. He and his partner Tobias Aichele were
enthusiastic about the quality of the cigar, and visited us in the following year in hopes
of turning a long-dormant idea into reality. Early in 2001, a special personalized cigar
brand, Mythos Solitude was born.

Today this private label is well established in the European markets; as are our other
brands: Sueno de Lentia, (private label of the first cigar club in Austria), Flor Real,
Bahia de Costa Rica, and Suenos.

With the tragic death of Claudio Jr. Pintor at age 43, I moved to Costa Rica to direct the
production of the cigars. Today we combine many years of experience, growing the best
tobacco seeds, on the best farms in the pre-eminent tobacco regions Central America to
create high quality cigars at a good price to performance ratio.

Isthmus Cigars products are produced from the finest cigar tobacco grown. We utilize
only the finest wrapper, binder and filler tobaccos from countries like Honduras,
Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico and Ecuador.

Our unique Curve of Flavor is rolled into every cigar and I personally guarantee the
high quality and careful workmanship of every one of our handmade cigars.

Our partners agree!

Kurt Brandt Owner
Tobacco Leaves
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